Our Services

Family Counseling

Whether step-family, single-parent, multi-ethnic, or “traditional” --- families today are increasingly complex and vulnerable to division, disharmony, and dysfunction. The bombardment of social media, technology, and shifting values can place stress on family structure.

Regardless of the problem, involving families in solution-oriented, emotion-focused, or systemic counseling can reduce tensions and build healthy family relationships.

Robyn Fairchild, Nicole Suarez-Bronfman, and Theora Noble are among many skilled and experienced family therapists at Woodlands Family Institute, P.C.

Counseling Couples

While couples counseling may be short-term, requiring only a few sessions to resolve a crisis or remove a blockage, more complex difficulties may need counseling for several months.

Often couples come for counseling, not so much to rehabilitate an ailing relationship, but to polish the skills that enhance a healthy one.

Dr. Joanne Parham, Robyn Fairchild, Dr. Stephen Parham, and Melissa Engel bring many years of experience and training to the treatment of couples.

Individual Counseling

Faced with tough decisions, under duress, not sure how to proceed—people often experience pervasive worry or transitory dips in mood, confidence, and motivation. Perhaps it is the loss of a spouse, a child, a job, or the realization that a life-long dream is just not going to happen. Awake in the middle of the night and alone, purpose and joy can feel distant.

Many people seek counseling for personal growth, relapse prevention, or emotional support through grief recovery. Our counselors provide calmness, acceptance, and compassionate attention to the difficulties you face.

All of our therapists conduct individual sessions. Obviously, selecting a personal counselor requires a special fit. Listed under “Our Therapists” are professionals with a wide range of experience and interests.

Addiction Treatment

Whether it is dependence on substances (drugs or alcohol) or behaviors (gambling or sex), addiction involves compulsively seeking to use a substance or engage in a behavior regardless of the potentially negative social, psychological, relational, and physical consequences. Breaking an addiction is difficult, but not impossible. Our treatments for addiction may help you beat your dependence.

Theora Noble and Ali Lichty all have experience with the treatment of addiction.

Children’s Therapy

Therapy with children may involve simply talking about the child’s concerns, but very often children are too young to verbally articulate what is on their minds. Working with children facing tough times, our therapists often us Play as a way to help children learn to self-regulate behavior and emotions, problem-solve, reduce anxieties and fears, and build self-esteem.

Teens are often seen in individual and group formats. Joshua Brown, Tessa Stuckey, and Dr. Lesley Stabinsky-Compton are highly adept at “reaching” children and teens.


Trauma can be as slight as a child’s humiliating moment at school, or it can be as horrific as rape, surviving a life-threatening car accident, or being exposed to combat.

At Woodlands Family Institute, we approach trauma from several perspectives. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Meditation, and Mindfulness have all been shown through research to be helpful.

But no matter what therapeutic approach is used, we know that it is safety, empathy, and trust that helps move a person past the crippling effects of trauma. Our counselors are careful to provide this relationship and environment in order to reduce the intensity of trauma’s after effects.

Dr. Joanne Parham, Theora Noble, Josh Parham, Dr. Stephen Parham, and Nicole Suarez-Bronfman have specialized training and experience with effectively treating trauma.

Help with Parenting

To reduce conflict and promote childhood and adolescent development toward maturation, parents often find that working with a counselor to build and refine their parenting skills can frequently remedy current problems, as well as diminish the frequency and intensity of future ones.

Counselors at Woodlands Family Institute are skilled at solutions-oriented approaches that address specific challenges that parents face.

Joshua Brown, Dr. Joanne Parham, Nicole Suarez-Bronfman, Dr. Lesley Stabinsky-Compton, and Dr. Stephen Parham provide special insight, training, and experience.


You know the difficulties in just managing your life, or you see the behaviors your child has that seem to make every moment the source of chronic worry and frustration.

But how do you know where to begin? Psychological or education assessment often answers that question by pinpointing just the right adjustment that makes all the difference or by uncovering the information that points the way forward through a carefully crafted treatment plan or behavioral program to restore optimal growth and functioning.

Whether assessing learning difficulties, intelligence, autism, or the full range of personality and psychological functioning, Dr. Lesley Stabinsky-Compton are highly trained to skillfully assess strengths and weaknesses that fine-tune approaches for enhanced function.

Anger Management

Whether it is road rage; or emotional, verbal, or physical violence in marriage; or yelling at the media over the contentious political climate in our country, it seems that anger has become more prevalent in our lives and culture. Research shows that with increased frequency and intensity of anger outbursts, moods, thoughts, and relationships become more deeply discordant with long-lasting negative effects.

At Woodlands Family Institute, P.C. we take a focused, programmatic approach toward reducing the frequency of expressions of anger, providing coping strategies, and reducing the recovery time for anger occurrences.

While all of our therapists are skilled at anger-management approaches, Josh Parham and Melissa Engel both conduct special anger-management training in group and individual therapy formats.

Supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns

Woodlands Family Institute currently has a Licensed Professional Counselor offering supervision to interns needing to complete internship hours. Our supervisor is Theora Noble

Teddy Noble is certified to provide clinical and ethical supervision. You need not be a member of Woodlands Family Institute, P.C. to sign up for this service. Please call or email Teddy if you are a LPC Intern seeking supervision.