Who We Are:

Welcome to Woodlands Family Institute, P.C.

Woodlands Family Institute, P.C. has been serving families in The Woodlands and surrounding areas for over 35 years. We offer counseling and therapy for couples, families, and individuals as well as specialized therapy services for addictions, problems with mood, and family conflict resolution. Our approach is empathetic and practical, focusing on listening, understanding, and problem solving. Our goal is to help families and individuals work through their struggles and become whole again. We do this by teaching intimacy skills, effective communication, practical parenting, and the power of forgiveness.

We Listen...

  • to those who wish to change.
  • to frightened, confused children.
  • to troubled teens.
  • to couples in conflict.
  • to parents trying to teach their children.
  • to adults suffering with sadness and loss.
  • to divisions in step-families.
  • to struggles with drugs and alcohol.
  • to the courage to face fear and loneliness.
We Listen Woodlands Family Institute
We Teach Woodlands Family Institute

We Teach...

  • intimacy skills,
  • how to forgive,
  • effective communication,
  • overcoming grief and loss,
  • practical parenting,
  • the fine art of loving one another,
  • recovery strategies,
  • esteem building.

What We Offer!

Private Sessions


Family Consultation


Group Experiences