Lesley Stabinsky Compton, Ph.D.

Credentials: I am a licensed clinical psychologist, having obtained my doctoral degree from Louisiana State University. I am also a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and am on the Registry of National Health Care Providers in Psychology.

Professional Background: Early in my career I had the opportunity to work in many different clinical and educational settings. I have worked in inpatient clinical hospitals focusing on mental health issues and in inpatient hospitals focusing on chemical addictions. I have also worked in both public and private school settings as a school psychologist and also as a behavior management consultant. Since completing my postdoctoral fellowship, I have chosen to work independently. I work with children, adolescents and adults and have been in private practice in Colorado since 1993. I have recently moved to Texas and am looking forward to continuing my work here in The Woodlands.

Clinical Focus: I specialize in working with mood issues, anxiety, and depression. I work with persons experiencing current life conflicts that are interrupting their daily normalcy. I also specialize in working with parents and children who are dealing with behavioral issues. I offer counseling and therapeutic services and I also conduct ADD/ADHD evaluations. My counseling techniques are primarily behavioral in nature. I incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy tools in helping my clients achieve their therapeutic goals. In my practice I prefer to have my clients engage and work collaboratively with me in setting these therapeutic goals and establishing guidelines and time frames for meeting these goals.

My passion in psychotherapy and clinical work began when I was an adolescent. I observed family members struggle with mental health issues. I watched how it impacted them and how those around them responded. This began my path into clinical psychology. I was inspired to assist others in learning strategies to deal effectively with life’s challenges.

Interests: My interests outside of work are in the area of fabric art. My current passions are quilting and needlepoint. I also enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with family. I have been extensively involved in community work with cancer patients in Colorado and am planning to continue that work here in Texas. I am excited to get to know the great state of Texas and am planning several fun road trips to explore the area.

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